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Toronto Section Mountaineering Camp Aug 12 - 19, 2018

Westfall/Nemo (Selkirk Mountains)

The 2018 ACC Toronto Section Mountaineering Camp will be located in the Westfall / Nemo area of the Selkirk Mountains. The campsite will be situated in the upper part of South Houston Creek just west of the Gobi Pass at an elevation of 2040 m. The area provides a variety of technical objectives including snow, ice and rock (granite) routes, as well as opportunities to hike and scramble.

For more details please see 2018 Section Camp

Keep Climbing until the Day You Die!

Gerry Banning - Dec 2017

In Gerry's words "I started climbing in 1978 and kept it up for about 20 years. After I left climbing, I got into other training modes including CrossFit and Olympic lifting. About 4 years ago, at 68, I returned to climbing. Now 72, because of the more advanced training methods available now, and more time to train because of an easier job, I am climbing much better than I did in my 30's and 40's. I've learned a lot on this journey, and am keen to pass it on."

Read Gerry's guide to training for climbing for all ages. Keep Climbing

Gerry references a document on 'The Overhead Press'. Read it here Overhead Press

Rope for Hope 2018

Once again Kit Moore will be leading his team down the Toronto City Hall in support of the 2018 Make-A-Wish Rope for Hope campaign.

Kit would like you to join his team for this very fun and worthwhile event. For more information on the 2018 team and the charity please go to Rope for Hope details

Bon Echo Revitalization Project Update

Please go to the Bon Echo Hut Update for a summary of progress on the revitalized hut.

WANTED: Your climbing stories!

Done anything cool lately on the rock, a waterfall , a mountain? Was it awesome? Maybe your adventure didn't go so well but you have something to share that may help other climbers.

How about that easy half day route in the mountains that turned into a forty hour epic? Or the time you forgot all your ice screws in the trunk of the car, a short helicopter ride away?

Did you attend your first Section Camp or GMC? What was it like?

Whatever the adventure please write it up and send it in to share with other Section members. Pictures are great. Please email your writeup and photos to

For past stories please see Section Climbing Stories