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Climbing Resumes at Bon Echo

The Board of Directors of the ACC Toronto Section are happy to let all Section members know that climbing is back on at Bon Echo as of Friday July 29, 2016.

The incident leading to the closure was based on a violation of an unwritten rule and ensuing communication between ACC members and the park officials regarding this incident. As such, the Memorandum of Understanding between the ACC and Bon Echo park and the Code of Conduct have now been updated to include:

  • Roped soloing, free soloing, bouldering, and any unroped climbing has now been expressly prohibited.
  • All members must communicate with park officials in a forthright, truthful and timely manner.
  • Members are to refrain from using offensive language and/or cause disturbances to other park guests.

Our behaviour must be exemplary at all times!

The updated Code of Conduct can be found online here: Bon Echo Code of Conduct

We would also like to take this time to remind all the custodians and Bon Echo visitors that the Park Wardens have the same authority as OPP officers do within the Park. All members are advised to respond to Wardens in a truthful, timely and forthright manner at all times.

The Board and members of the Toronto Section appreciate your co-operation.

The Bon Echo Hut needs your donations!

The Bon Echo Hut is now 50 years old and it urgently needs upgrades and renovations. Help us bring the hut up to date by donating through the link below.

After clicking on the link, select "Bon Echo Hut" from the "donation type" drop down.