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Dear Section Member:

Two years ago the Executive of the Toronto Section with the permission of the National Club embarked upon a mission to incorporate as a Not For Profit. The Executive undertook this initiative for three reasons:
  1. the business of the section had becoming increasingly complex
  2. the roles and responsibilities of the section executive were unclear
  3. and the executive wanted to ensure that section's policies would ensure the ongoing success of The Section.
That process is now complete and The Alpine Club of Canada, Toronto Section is fully incorporated as a Not For Profit under the Canada Not For Profit Corporations Act.

All that remains is for the membership to approve The Section's new By-laws at the Annual General Meeting in the Fall. A copy of these By-laws can be downloaded which includes the names and the roles of the founding directors.

Download the By-laws

In addition, at a Board Meeting held in late April the founding Board of Director's passed a number of resolutions. These resolutions set out the roles and responsibilities of the Section's officers and appointed various members to fulfill them. Contact for a copy of these resolutions.

If you have any questions regarding this process feel free to contact any of the directors. Or better yet volunteer to get involved in the operation of the Section and help us to serve you. In particular, we could use volunteers to help in the following roles,

  • The Newsletter Editor
  • Rock Climbing Coordinator
For more information contact Colin Huggard our director and our Membership and Marketing Co-coordinator at

Jon Gullet

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does anything change for the members?
    Not really - all the activities you love, from rock climbing to ice climbing to pub nights and Bon Echo, will stay the same. You will sign the same waivers, and pay the same membership fees as in the past. This simply formalizes the roles and responsibilities in the Toronto Section.

  2. Do I need to do anything right now?
    You should read the by-laws and familiarize yourself with them, as you will be ask to affirm these the by-laws at the AGM in the Fall.

  3. What does the National club think about this?
    They fully support this initiative.

  4. How can I learn more about the incorporation?
    Contact a director and/or volunteer to help make the Section even stronger.

The Alpine Club of Canada, Toronto Section
Directors, Officers & Committees

Jon Gullet Director and Chair
Stephanie Mallahati Director and Vice Chair
Sparky Russell Director and Secretary
Milla Yurman Director and Treasurer
Sandra Bowkun Director, Climb On Coordinator and Section Representative
Colin Huggard Director and Membership and Marketing Coordinator
Gabriel Lazdins Webmaster
VACANT Newsletter Editor
Luke Myles Access Coordinator
David Myles Awards Coordinator
Ray Rutitis Member at Large
Activities Committee
Bryan Thompson Director and Activities Chair
Rob Le Blanc Director and Ice Climbing Coordinator
Ron Rusk Director and Mountaineering Coordinator
Gary Norton Skiing Coordinator
David Henderson Director
Hut and Boat Committee
Larry Forsyth Director and Hut and Boat Chair
Chris Rogers Director and Boat Coordinator
Kit Moore Member
David Ray Member
Leadership Committee
Boris Kaschenko Director and Leadership Committee Chair
Roger Wallis Member
Sandra Bowkun Member
Margaret Imai-Compton Member
Helen King Member
Jon Newman Member
Governance Committee
Gary Norton Chair
Roger Wallis Member
Maryann Fulop Member
Brenda Kritsch Member
Opportunities Committee
Sparky Russell Chair
Bryan Thompson Member
Helen King Member
Banff Film Festival Committee
Alex Perel Director and Banff Film Festival Committee Chair
Colin Huggard Member
Milla Yurman Member
Rob LeBlanc Member
Gabriel Lazdins Member
Kitty Thompson Member
Samantha Robinson Member
Pia Thurlow Member