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Hut Custodian List 2018

Please follow these few simple guidelines and the guidelines posted in the hut when at Bon Echo:

  • Please be respectful of other guests, the property, the hut and the boat.
  • Carry your share of the load - help the custodian, clean up after yourself.
  • Contact the custodian in advance (latest the Thursday night before the weekend) for reservations and pick-up times.
  • If you want to bring your dog, please enquire when reserving your spot for a two day weekend as to whether dogs are allowed. Dogs are not allowed on long weekends, Ox Roast and some other two day weekends.

When climbing at Bon Echo please climb safely and NEVER sling the trees. The Alpine Club signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Bon Echo Provincial Park every year, and our privilege to climb at Bon Echo hinges on our behavior in the park and on the cliff.

The Bon Echo custodian list is subject to change. Please check back here before calling the custodian. Note that you MUST contact the custodian prior to Thursday if you're planning to attend, in order to insure availability of camp sites, and to schedule your boat pickup.

Date Weekend Names E-mail Phone
Mar 3-4 "mICEnaw" Chris Talbot 416-550-0262
May 12-13 Docking In Ron Rusk 416-580-8114
May 19-21 Victoria Day LW Alex Perel
May 26-27 Rob Leblanc
Josee Duckett
June 2-3 Sarah Sherman 416-557-3168
June 9-10 Chris Rogers 905-729-4768
June 16-17 Chris Talbot 416-550-0262
June 23-24 Eric Grenier 613-482-1543
Jun 30-Jul 2 Canada Day LW Martin Suichies
Michelle Chin 905-627-8267
Jun 30-Jul 2 Martin Suichies
Michelle Chin 905-627-8267
Jul 8-Jul 9 Martin Suichies
Michelle Chin
Mark Hurst
July 14-15 Bon Echo 101td> Gavin Smith
July 21-22 Kit Moore 416-469-3567
Jul 28-29 Rob Ramirez 416-536-0633
Aug 4-6
Simcoe Day LW Rob Ramirez 416-536-0633
Aug 11-12 Calvin Klatt 613-447-2072
Aug 18-19 Gavin Smith
Aug 25-27 Marshall Johnston 416-436-8583
Sep 1-3 Labour Day LW Eric Grenier 613-482-1543
Sept 8-9 Ox Roast Steve Mitskopoulos 416-302-4288
Sept 15-16 Closed for renos
Sept 22-23 Closed for renos
Sep 29-30 Closed for renos
Oct 6-8 Closed for renos
Oct 13-14 Docking Out Bryan Thompson 416-858-2448