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Bon Echo - Code of Conduct - July 2016

The Alpine Club of Canada, Toronto Section and Bon Echo Provincial Park have a Memorandum of Understanding that allows us the privilege to climb inside the limits of the Provincial Park. Please follow these rules at all times. Be mindful that the misconduct of just one person can jeopardize our relationship with the park and our ability to climb in this beautiful place.

  1. Helmets are mandatory.
  2. Do not sling trees.
  3. Rappelling is only permitted at designated sites or in case of emergency.
  4. Please do not litter. If possible, help by picking up what others have left behind.
  5. Some routes are closed due to the pictographs at their base or due to environmental reasons; please respect these closures. Route numbers are: 5, 42, 43, 53, 83, 84 and 89
  6. Some routes may be closed in certain seasons due to peregrine falcon nesting; please respect these closures. Occasional route closures will be posted in the Park and at the ACC cabin.
  7. No free-soloing, bouldering or any kind of un-roped climbing is allowed.
  8. No roped-soloing.
  9. Our behavior should be exemplary at all times. Please refrain from using offensive language or profanities.
  10. Do not engage in any activities which a reasonable person would conclude would adversely impact the Club, the Park, the Park's officials or the general public.

In their jurisdiction, Park Wardens have the same authority as OPP officers do. All members are advised that if questioned by a park official it is important to respond in a truthful, timely, and forthright manner.

The ACC has traditionally been a steward of Park rules. Please help strengthen our relationship by following these rules and collaborating with Park authorities at all times.

The full Code of Conduct and signing pages can be found at: Code of Conduct