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Accident Reporting Guidelines for ACC Sections

The National Office's Safety Committee has been asked to define more clearly what constitutes a reportable accident (or incident) as outlined in the "Waiver Administration and Incident Reporting Policy" accepted by the Board in 2003.

The main purpose of reporting incidents to the Executive Director at ACC National Office is to alert the Office of any potentially serious incidents that could lead to a liability claim, allowing National Office to deal more effectively with its Insurance Company. Having National Office aware of any situation of a serious nature also creates the image of an organization that manages risk effectively, takes safety seriously and generally has a good organizational structure.

A secondary purpose would be to identify situations that might warrant some review of safety procedures during ACC activities. This could be useful for leadership training purposes at National and Section levels.

In this regard, a report must be filed with the Executive Director of the ACC for any accident or incident on any national or section activity where any of the following conditions apply:

  • Serious injury or significant damage to someone's property. Serious injury would include any condition resulting in death or the necessity of medical evacuation and/or treatment at a hospital;
  • A search for a missing party or a rescue where the injuries sustained were more than minor cuts, bruises or abrasions;
  • The incident could have resulted in serious injury or serious damage and avoiding a recurrence required a change to the regular routine of the planned activity;
  • The incident happened while the injured party was following (or believed he/she was following) implicit or explicit instructions before or during the trip from the ACC or it's "agents" (such as trip organizer(s), leader(s), guide(s), etc);
  • Anything that may be of a learning benefit to trip leaders or enhance the future safety of ACC activities or to membership awareness in general. This would include situations that could have had the "potential" for serious injury.

In all other situations, the decision whether or not to file a report with the Executive Director should be made by either the Section Chair or the National VP of Activities, as appropriate. If there is any question as to whether the incident warrants a report to be filed, then a report should be submitted to the Executive Director.

No-one wants to think about accidents but any time you run a trip, you should be prepared. Please be sure you print this form and keep it somewhere handy (like your first aid kit).