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Toronto Section Opportunities Fund ... financial support available for special projects

The Toronto Section is pleased to continue a funding initiative successfully launched in 2012. The Opportunities Fund is a cash award intended to assist Toronto Section Members in good standing to help cover costs involved in climbing-related projects beyond those encompassed by Leadership Programs.

The individual or group wishing support is required to submit a written grant application. Award amounts are based on funding and on the budget requirements of each application.


  • Section Members with two years Membership and in good standing are invited to apply.
  • Active participation in the climbing community and/or in the Club is favoured.
  • Proposals which will enrich the life of our local Membership are valued.
  • Bold, self-disciplined challenges and unique world-class opportunities are welcomed.
  • An initiative of direct or indirect benefit to the community demonstrating initiative, creativity, energy, and resourcefulness in conception, planning, and execution.
  • An experience with good potential for learning and development of skills for the participant(s).


The application should clearly meet these standards:

  1. Title and description of the project/event, including when the project will begin and end, where it will take place, and who the project will serve.
  2. Describe how the project/event meets the criteria outlined above.
  3. Summarize the type of support sought and, if financial support is sought, the total dollar amount requested. Please include information about requests for funding made to other organizations.
  4. Describe other organizations, clubs, agencies or institutions associated with this project.
  5. Describe any additional factors that make this project a unique event for ACC funding.


  1. Use Fund grant monies only for the purpose(s) proposed in the application.
  2. Provide receipts to substantiate the Fund grant-related expenses incurred.
  3. Write an article and/or give a presentation (their choice) about their experience.
  4. Submit a report to the Opportunities Fund Ad Hoc Selection Committee.
  5. Submit 3 photos from the trip to be used at the discretion of the Opportunities Fund Ad Hoc Committee.

Section 4: APPLICATIONS: There will be TWO DEADLINES for Opportunity Fund applications

The first deadline is Jan. 31 and the second deadline is Sept. 30.

All applications not successful in the first deadline may be carried over & considered in the second deadline, if applicants wish. Applications will be considered if received in electronic format.

Applications are to be sent by email to: