Pub Nite: ‘Ishpatina Ridge on Foot – The search for Dick Lake’ – Thu Mar 9 @ 7:30

WHEN: Thurs Mar 9th @ 7:30 pm

WHERE: Imperial Pub, Back Room – 54 Dundas Street East, Toronto

TOPIC: The tale of ACC YYZ member Mylissa Prisner, her long-time friend Angela Shillolo and their journey to Ontario’s highest point using the over-land route. A story of “Nopes”, FunGiis, inappropriately named lakes, the wonders of critical thinking and personalities met along the way.

Mylissa is on a quest to reach the highest point in every Canadian Province and Territory as a tribute to her beloved grandparents, Mike and Lee Prisner, who made many months-long trips across Canada in their van, learning about this wonderful country and its people.

Angela is an awesome person who let Mylissa drag her along on an adventure down logging roads, across rivers and through forests with poorly marked “trails” to go see a rusty pile of metal on top of a big rock.

Mylissa and Angela have known one another for long enough to have forgotten how they met, but they’re pretty sure it involved one of their outgoing children befriending another, back when the kids were still small and cute and easily carried.

Join us for this can’t-miss recounting of adventure, exploration, and friendship.

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