Board of Directors

The Board of Directors provides oversight, guidance, leadership, and strategic direction for the not-for-profit corporation the Alpine Club of Canada Toronto Section.

Alex Perel

As for the past-Chair to the ACC Toronto Section Alex now chairs the Leadership and Training Committee. As an avid ice and rock climber, skier, and mountaineering enthusiast he brings a wealth of both technical and organizational knowledge the section and its members.

Bryan Thompson

Bryan Thompson started climbing in 2000. He is an avid mountaineer and enjoys leading new trips or climbing with old friends. He joined the Alpine Club in 2005 and has been a board member since 2010. When he’s not attending to Club matters you can catch him at Bon Echo enjoying the climbing.

Diana Petramala

As a new rock climber Diana joins the section Chairing our membership and marketing committees. Her experience in new member recruitment, retention and volunteer engagement compliment her expertise in communicating with the membership at large.

Milla Yurman

Milla is an the sections’ Treasurer with over 15 years of experience in accounting specializing in services provided to NGOs. She also enjoys climbing at Bon Echo or skiing in the Canadian Rockies.

Dave Henderson

Dave runs the Bon Echo committees. Dave has been a member of the ACC@YYZ for decades as an avid climber. Dave brings his many years of experience as a member and climber to the board and has been a big contributor to the Bon Echo Renewal project.

Ryan Hobson

Ryan joins the ACC@YYZ as activities chair in 2019.  Ryan is an adventurer and enjoys his winters ice climbing.

Clayton Vergeer

Clayton joined the ACC@YYZ joined the board in 2019 and currently holds the position of secretary.

Krista Bowman

Krista joined the board in 2020 and will be working with Dave Henderson on issues related to Bon Echo.  Krista has been a long-time member and fixture at Bon Echo.

John Vellone

After joining the Alpine Club in 2016 John has the Chair of the nominations committee and enjoys ice climbing.

Pia Thurlow