OAC Releases Guidelines for Climbing In Ontario

The weather is getting warmer and we are all getting eager to get out climbing. However, COVID-19 remains a key risk to some communities and we need to remain vigilant in doing our part in supporting efforts to maintain the safety of the communities we live and climb in.

Some climbing areas are opening up as the Province moves into Stage 1 of its reopening. The OAC released guidelines on what this means for climbers in Ontario: https://www.ontarioallianceofclimbers.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/OAC-Guidelines-for-Climbing-During-the-Coronavirus-Pandemic.pdf

And for crag status: https://www.ontarioallianceofclimbers.ca/2020/05/15/an-update-on-climbing-in-ontario-as-we-move-to-stage-1-of-reopening/

Please carefully read and adhere to these guidelines

If you are planning a trip to a crag, please remember to:

  1. Respect local access conditions. Refrain from rock climbing in areas that have not opened up for climbing, as per the OAC announcement;
  2. Some communities have requested that non-residents refrain from visiting.  Please check the municipal website of the communities you plan to visit for more details on their guidelines for non-resident visitors;  
  3. Stay close to home;
  4. Stay home if you feel unwell or have come in contact with someone who has fallen ill;
  5. Keep a two-meter distance from others when possible and do not go out in groups of more than five; and
  6. Wash/sanitize your hands frequently, and sneeze/cough into your sleeve or elbow.

Please keep an eye out for future updates from the OAC, the situation is changing rapidly and they are working hard to understand the implications of COVID-related rules on climbing in Ontario.

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