ACC@YYZ’s First Post-COVID Trip! 318-2-318 The Epic TriACCelon (bike-swim-climb)

August 21-23, Toronto to Bon Echo

TRIP LEADER: For more information or to sign up please contact Nicole Ross at or Cynthia Chung at

Sign Up:  Sign up will begin on Wednesday, August 5th at 8am, on a first come first serve basis.  All participants will be vetted based on ability and experience, and final decisions will be made on Friday, August 7th.

Before You Go:

Please not the ACC@YYZ asks that you read our new waiver and COVID-19 trip guidelines before you sign up for trips:

  1. New trip waver:


This is a fun (type 2, or some may argue type 3?), inclusive, and EPIC challenge for anyone interested. 

The Full Challenge: 

The adventure will begin at 318 St. George St., in Toronto – the house for which the rock route at Bon Echo is named after.  The group will then cycle 300km to Bon Echo (Tappings Boat Launch), swim 2km (from Tappings Boat Launch to the ACC Hut), and climb route 318 on the Saturday!

All your hard work will be paid off with a free dinner on Saturday cooked by none other than the AMAZING Bryan Thompson. You only need to bring a side (for yourself, not to share due to COVID).

We will be arranging support vehicles for emergencies or for when people are unable to continue.   Note:  This is not a fully supported event.  There will be arrangements made to drive your gear to the hut, and backup options that can be called when needed. There will not to be regular check-ups, nor aid stations along the way. 

Participants should be ready for a long grind.  Work hard, play hard. This is an inclusive event to challenge any ACC member interested in a challenge (pending available space).  Everyone is celebrated for their attempt.  The logistics will all be provided to participants upon selection. 

It will not be tolerated if a participant leaves another behind.  Prior to the event, all allowable options will be discussed with participants so that no one is ever left cycling alone.

COST: The estimated cost for accommodations is $60 per person for the two nights at the Bon Echo hut (paid directly to the ACC), plus money for the food and water stops along the way (to carry on you while biking).


  • Ideally a road bike. If you don’t own one, a tri bike, touring bike, a cross bike or even a mountain bike could work.  Just be realistic about the distance and your ability). 
  • Helmets are mandatory
  • Water (water bottles you can drink from as you cycle, and a camel pack is not a bad idea).
  • Bike repair kit; tire levers; spare tubes (ideally 2); portable bike pump or CO2 cartridges with adapter; tire boot, etc.
  • Bike lights, as we will be starting in the dark and may be ending in the dark as well.
  • Appropriate clothing;dress for the weather; padded bike shorts are strongly recommended; and chamois cream; clipless pedals are strongly recommended (for those that aren’t aware, clipless pedals are the ones that DO clip into your shoes)
  • Nutrition; (bars/gels/chews), and money for food stops.
  • Face mask for wearing on the Bon Echo boat and  going in to stores for food or water.
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Camping gear (including cooking gear, clothing, food, and anything you would normally use at the Bon Echo hut)
  • Climbing gear, including helmet, harness and climbing shoes.
  • Swimwear and goggles (if swimming across) or canoe/kayak if paddling across (note: transportation of paddling gear needs to be arranged ahead of time so that it can be brought up ahead of the weekend in a car).  Let the trip organizer know of your plans so we can swim together, or ensure you have the proper lights and support to safely get across.

Contingency Plan:

All participants are responsible for making their own contingency plans in case they are unable to finish the cycle.  Their emergency contact information MUST be given to trip leaders ahead of time. 

All cyclists must also arrange their own way back to Toronto, at the end of the event.

Trip organizers will each have a car at Bon Echo, to help with support and return to Toronto.  There will also be a car following cyclists along the route.  Due to COVID, measures such as limited passengers in vehicles and facemasks must be respected, if being picked up by a trip vehicle.

Trip leaders will provide detailed route plans to all participants, as well as the options available during the trip (ex. Support vehicle(s), optional hotels along the way, contacts in case of emergencies, etc).  Each cyclist is responsible for all other logistics they need beyond the scope of the trip. 

All legs of the journey end at a restaurant or in a town.  If participants wish to drop out at the end of a leg, they can stay at those locations until their vehicle is able to pick them up.

The swim portion will require towing a light, provided by the trip leader.  Safety devices and floating devices will be available in the boat, which will follow swimmers across. 

All participants are required to pull out when they are too fatigued to continue.  This will be an annual event, so participants are recommended to try again next year rather than put themselves in any danger during the event.

Due to the nature of the event, there will be a mandatory cycle and swim test ahead of time for all participants who are interested in participating in the bike and/or the swim.  No participant will be allowed on the trip unless they have a minimum fitness and ability level.


August 21st:

  1. Start at 318 St. George St..  Be ready to start cycling at 4am.
  2. Leg 1: 318 St. George St. to Dreamer’s Cafe in Port Hope. 115km (coffee and sandwich/treat break.  Fill water.)
  3. Leg 2: Dreamer’s Cafe in Port Hope to Caper’s Tap House in Campbellford. 71km.  Eat and fill water.
  4. Leg 3: Campbellford to Tweed 48km  (can get a snack from the grocery store or Tim Hortons, and fill water bottles)
  5. Leg 4: Tweed to Northbrook 36km (snack at the Foodland or Tim Hortons and fill water bottles)
  6. Leg 5: Northbrook to Tappings Boat Launch 25km

For those swimming across:

  1. Put bikes in cars, load the boat with camping and climbing gear, and change into swimwear
  2. Swim 2km to the Bon Echo ACC hut, while towing a floating light.

August 22nd:

  1. Climb. 
  2. Dinner hosted by Bryan Thompson.  He is donating his time and money to make us all lasagna!!!  Sides and drinks must be brought by individuals.

*** If any details above change, all cyclists will be notified in advance.  If you are not a part of the trip, but plan on joining for a social lunch along your way to Bon Echo, feel free to email or Cynthia Chung at to verify the plans.

MAX PARTICIPANTS: 6 Participants, as that is the space available at Bon Echo hut.  After COVID restrictions lift, this annual event will be able to take on more participants.


  1. Waiver: You must read it before attending and sign a colour copy of it in ink upon arrival:

An additional waiver specific to this event will also need to be completed by participants (to cover the risks associated with cycling and swimming)

  • Participants will all be sent a Health Declaration that must be signed as well.

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