Bon Echo Hut Reopens!

The Bon Echo hut has reopened (with limitations) and a few other restrictions have eased.

Here is a summary of the changes made to weekend and weekday trips as we move into Stage 3:

Limit for trip participants has increased to 11 climbers plus 1 custodian: With the North Frontenac health region moving into stage 3, we were allowed to reopen the Bon Echo hut, and we decided on a small increase in the number of people on the property, from 10 to 12. (The sauna, however, must remain closed for regular use.)

No cap on bookings: The cap on the number of trips a member may book has been scrapped. The cap was initially brought in out of concern that trips might be filled by the same few people. However, demand has been reasonable, eliminating the need for a cap.

Midweek trips: Midweek trips no longer require a minimum of 10. Trips of fewer than 10 can go ahead provided there’s a custodian in place.

Numbers in hut: Under normal conditions there must only be 10 people in the hut at a time, sitting at the designated, physically distanced seats. In unusual circumstances — such as a storm blowing in — the other two people can temporarily shelter in the kitchen.

Kitchen zones: The kitchen has been divided into two physically distanced zones — this allows for two households or social bubbles to prep food and cook at the same time. However, there must be no more than four people in the entire kitchen area at once. A complete set of dinnerware, cookware, cutlery and utensils has been cleaned and placed in each zone; use only the set for your zone.

Outdoor cooking: Cooking, eating and dishwashing can still take place outdoors if you prefer. There is a propane stove for use on the picnic tables, and the barbecue is available for shared use. A dish washing station can be set up by the greywater bed. 

We are still only allowing paid-up ACC members to book camping spots this year. Membership status will be monitored. Send your booking requests to

Finally, the board has agreed that the weekend custodian has the authority to close the hut if he or she feels that protocols regarding self-distancing and sanitary practices are not being maintained.

For the latest update on the protocols, go to Bon Echo protocols

And to sign-up check out the Bon Echo sign-up calendar

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