Bon Echo 2020 Season COVID Protocols

Our Bon Echo committee has worked with Frontenac Public Health to ensure the re-opening of Bon Echo is compliant with government regulation and the rules set out in Stage 3 of re-opening the province. The new format will help us do our part in keeping our members and communities safe at this time, while allowing us to use the property and boat to access the Bon Echo cliffs. We ask that you familiarize yourself with our new protocols before coming to Bon Echo.

Below is a summary of our protocols, with a more detailed version available in pdf.

These protocols are based on Stage 3 guidelines for re-opening properties and activities in Ontario. They may be tightened or relaxed without notice or warning if the government or relevant health authority changes its guidelines.

Government guidelines link:

The stricter of our protocols and the Ontario Government guidelines will apply.

These protocols are for the safety of the club, its members and everyone else.

Non-Compliance to these protocols at any time during the weekend will result in being asked to leave immediately.

Protocol Summary

  • Hut
    • 11 person maximum plus 1 custodian, only 10 people allowed in hut at a time
    • Sauna to remain closed for regular use, storage only
    • Paid-up members only
    • Mid-week camping if fully reserved & a custodian is available
    • First-come, first-served registration with a wait list
    • Maximum of 2 bookings unless the wait list is empty
    • Fees (plus PayPal fee) for reservations. No refunds four days prior to the booking date
  • Paperwork:
    • Waiver 2020 (new)
    • Code of Conduct 2020 (new)
    • Self-Assessment (new for Covid-19)
    • Phone # and email must be provided for tracing.
  • Cleaning and social distancing:
    • Three hand-washing stations. Use them!
    • Social distancing and mask protocols enforced (wear a mask if you can’t space out)
    • Social distancing protocols apply on park property (e.g. water runs)
    • Climbers supply their own masks
    • Climbers recommended to bring their own chairs
    • Pack out your garbage, including cleaning supplies
    • Everyone helps clean once per day.
  • On the boat:
    • Two passengers + driver, unless from the same household.
    • Masks required unless everyone in the boat is from the same household.
  • Climbing:
    • One team per route
    • Observe social distancing at rappel stations
    • No club gear will be used except in emergencies
  • Custodians
    • Special training to ensure knowledge of the protocols and measures
    • Must provide trip report, to be sent to BE chairs

Please download a more detailed version at