Plan your Trip

Making a Reservation

Email or phone the volunteer custodian by Thursday evening of the weekend you are planning to attend. Do not show up without a reservation or you will be turned back. Please include the time when you plan to arrive, the names of everyone in your party and whether each person in your party is a club member.Weekends with special activities (like Ox Roast or Bon Echo 101) fill up fast so book your  spot early. Both the Hut Custodian List and the Calendar of events have contact information for each week’s custodian. If you want to bring a dog, please enquire whether that weekend’s custodian allows it. Dogs are not allowed on long weekends, Ox Roast and some regular weekends.

Hut Fees (2019)

  • ACC Members $20 per day or night
  • Non-Members $40 per day or night
  • Season’s pass $200.

Fees go towards fuel, hut and boat maintenance, property taxes, etc. They are payable by cash or in advance by e-mail transfer.

An arrival before 5 p.m. counts as an additional day. Season’s passes are for members only and apply to scheduled weekends from May to October. They do not include winter activities, early arrivals or exception-based weekday stays.

You must show your membership card to get the member’s rate. Note: we cannot sell ACC memberships at the hut. To become a member you must go through the national office (allow 3-5 days for processing before your planned visit).

What to Pack

  • Food: Many people cook gourmet meals here so don’t be sad when you take out your canned tuna and someone sits in front of you with a juicy steak. You’ve been warned! Don’t be shy about bringing beer or wine, many of us enjoy a drink after a hard day of climbing.
  • Climbing Gear (helmets are mandatory)
  • Tent & Sleeping Bag
  • Toiletries
  • Appropriate clothing
  • Garbage bags (what you bring in you take out)
  • If travelling with a child you must bring your own life jacket for the boat.

Getting There

The Bon Echo Wally Joyce Hut is accessed by club boat from the public dock on North Mazinaw Heights Road, roughly 3.3km north of the main entrance to Bon Echo Provincial Park. The GPS co-ordinates are 44.9112614, -77.2083216. The address for Google Maps is Tappings Bay Boat Launch, 13 North Mazinaw Heights Road, Cloyne, ON K0H 1K0.

Directions from Toronto: Take Hwy. 401 east to Belleville, then go north on Hwy. 37 until it reaches Highway 7. Continue east on Hwy. 7 until you reach the Kaladar crossroads (with the Shell station). Take Hwy. 41 north for 20 minutes or so until three kilometres beyond the entrance to the provincial park. Make a sharp right onto North Mazinaw Heights Road and follow it for two minutes until you see the parking lot and dock on the left. The drive takes 3-4 hours.

Directions from Ottawa: Take Hwy. 7 west to Kaladar (with the Shell station). Take Hwy. 41 north for 20 minutes or so until three kilometres beyond the entrance to the provincial park. Make a sharp right onto North Mazinaw Heights Road and follow it for two minutes until you see the parking lot and dock on the left. The drive takes 2-3 hours.


Standard pick-up times are 10:30 p.m. on Friday and 10:30 a.m. on Saturday. Custodians can modify these times or add more. Once you arrive t the public dock, park in the lot off the road. If the lot is full, however, it is okay to park on the side of the road as long as your vehicle is not obstructing traffic. There is no parking fee. Please be considerate and pay attention to the No Parking zone near the ramp. Boat owners need space to manoeuvre and move their trailers up and down the ramp.

Keep your bags and gear on the raised platform on the dock while you wait. Don’t block the dock since many other people need to use it too. If possible, offer to lend a hand to other boaters. It is important to be good ambassadors for the club. At night, having your headlamp on will help the custodian locate the dock better. Help him or her moor the boat to the dock. Look for a boat with the large words ‘Alpine Club’ engraved on the side.

You must sign the ACC waiver before you get in the boat. Print out a colour copy and read it carefully but do not sign it in advance. You must sign the waiver in front of the custodian so they can witness your signature. You will also be asked to sign a Code of Conduct.

At this point you can load the boat with your gear and cross the lake to the hut. If many people arrive at the same time, it may take a few trips on the boat to take everyone across. Be patient. There are life jackets in the boat; simply ask for one if you would like one.

At the Hut

Once you arrive unload your gear and bring your cooler inside. Then check in with the custodian (or his or her assistant) who will take your signed waiver and fees and show you to the campsites. The ACC property is camping-only. The hut is for cooking, eating and socializing. Your climbing gear goes on the outside hooks under the eaves or in your tent.

There are cooking stoves, pots and pans, dishes and cutlery. You do not need to bring any of these items. There is also a barbecue for your use.

Bon Echo is a tranquil zone; please leave all electronics in your tent in silent mode.

Hut life is communal. Please make sure you do your dishes immediately after you eat and keep the place clean. Expect to do chores during the weekend; don’t wait to be asked, ask around how you can make yourself helpful. Please take your garbage with you as well as your empties.

There is no electricity or running water. Water for dishes is carried up in buckets from the lake by everyone so make a point to help with this. Drinking water is brought from the provincial park in large blue jugs so be ready to help with this when asked.

Climbing at Bon Echo

The Toronto Section and the management of Bon Echo Provincial Park have a strong working relationship and it is expected that members conduct themselves appropriately while climbing at Mazinaw Rock. If you are planning on climbing at Bon Echo and haven’t visited the park, please take some time to familizrize yourself with some the Park staff expectations:

  • Use the provided anchors, do not sling the trees.
  • Do not climb new routes.
  • Only rappel on designated routes: Thunder Crack, The Slab, Easy Way Down, Formication, Saucer Lucy (i.e. the Birthday Ridge Slabs), Spiderman (62 m free drop), The Joke (81 m free drop).
  • It is mandatory to wear a helmet when climbing at Bon Echo.
  • Avoid routes that are closed due to pictographs at the base of the route: Mediterranean Sundance, The Last shall be First (original start), Nilevan, Brass Monkey, Monkeyshines, Spiderman, Flat Paint, and Black Groove.
  • After climbing a route record the climb with the custodian or park gate log indicating the route, date, leader and number in party
  • Report all accidents or injuries to the Park staff as soon as possible.
  • If you abandon gear, let the hut custodian know, a significant effort must be made to recover gear within 24 hrs.

Climbing is banned in most Ontario provincial parks, but with our ongoing commitment and cooperation with Park staff we can continue to access this wonderful slice of nature. Every spring The 2003 Bon Echo Memoradum of Understanding is re-signed to allow continued climbing for another season.


If you are staying only for the day you should plan to be off the rock by 4 pm so the Custodian can take you to the public dock. On closing day, take down your tent and leave everything ready for departure before you go climbing. Plan to be off the rock by 3 pm. The Custodian needs to take everyone to the public dock and then reach the marina before 5 pm to get gas and drop off the boat. If you’ve left anything at Bon Echo, please call the hut custodian or email

Bon Echo Guide Book

The Guide Book is now available in PDF format. In the guidebook:

  • Lots of pictures
  • Updated route descriptions
  • Routes closed by agreement with the park are indicated
  • Memorandom Of Understanding with the park is included

Download Guidebook (PDF 4.8mb)