Wally Joyce Hut Renovation

Hut Revitalization: March update

by Geoff Schimmel


On behalf of everyone on the Bon Echo Renewal Project committee, I am pleased to introduce myself as Chair and to bring you up to speed on the efforts that we are making to bring the revitalization of the hut to a reality. I trust that my experience over the past two decades in construction and the forest products sector will add value throughout this project’s life, and contribute to its long-term success.

Since joining the board and the committee in November, I went straight to work to learn about the work that was done so far and all the work that still needs to be done. Since that time, my efforts with the ACC have been solely focused on this project and will remain so until it’s completed.

With building and construction systems top-of-mind, I visited the hut in early January to assess the structure and to do some layout measurements. I reviewed the architect plans, the structural engineering and regulatory requirements of the building. I have also been engaging with a suite of contractors to scope out the options we have for carrying out the build stage.

We have been focused on structural and operational parts of the building since I took over the role in November, and will address the cosmetic pieces as time goes on. We have incorporated as much member feedback as possible into the building design, subject to regulatory and safety concerns. Addressing the regulatory and legislative aspects of the project have taken precedence over design to ensure that the new hut meets the rules and regulations of the municipal bylaws, regional conservation authority and provincial building code.

In terms of the construction schedule, we had optimistically hoped to move some of the building materials over on the ice in mid-March to prepare for an early summer build. Unfortunately, an early thaw deferred that idea. It has also come to light that I will need to get soil samples to test the wastewater management system, which can’t be done until the frost is out of the ground. We still cannot confirm a start date for construction, but will update you once we can. The goal is to get the project done as soon as possible.

I want to thank all the members who are offering to volunteer their expertise and experience. We will be posting opportunities to volunteer in the build-phase in the coming months, so please keep an eye out.

In the near-term you will see some progress notes and photos from time to time through the spring season, and then as things accelerate over the summer. We will keep you well informed.

Thanks for the opportunity to work with everyone on this memorable project.

Geoff Schimmel,
Chair, Bon Echo Renewal Project Committee

Bon Echo Revitalization Project Update – Feb 2, 2018

Progress on the Bon Echo renovation is being made! We are getting ready to move from the design stage to construction. We are excited and wanted to share the progress with you.

Please go to the Feb 2 Update for a summary of progress on the design and planning for the hut revitalization.