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Increasing mobility and building durability

August 19

COVID-19 ALERT: Some gyms and businesses are closing in response to the epidemic. If you’re planning to visit, you’re advised to check in advance to see that they’re still open.

Increasing mobility and building durability
1-hour class for interested climbers and skiers
Monvida Sports, 344 Westmoreland Ave. N., Toronto
3rd Wednesday of each month, 6:30 p.m.

Want to bring your mountain crushing capabilities to the next level? At Monvida Sports we train inside the gym for what we do outside, and mountaineering is no exception. Train and build your body for the demands of climbing. In these training sessions you will be building a strong and durable body to prevent potential injuries, increasing your mobility so you can move easier, and increase your stamina to keep you going all day.

Increasing your performance on the mountain is our No. 1 goal! All levels of climbers are welcomed. Each training session is packed with sport-specific training information, and questions are encouraged. Everything at Monvida is planned, progressed and monitored, nothing is random, and that’s the way we believe you will improve and see results.

Cost: $20 per person for an hour or so class.

Contact: steven.moniz@monvida.com or 647-887-4964 by the Wednesday before to confirm attendance.

Location: 344 Westmoreland Ave N, Toronto, ON M6H 3A7 (inside the building on the ground floor, beside the brewer. It’s poorly marked)


August 19


344 Westmoreland Ave N, Toronto, ON M6H 3A7, Canada