Bon Echo

Help us buy a new boat!

Our beloved boat has taken us to the base of the Bon Echo routes for over 20 years. It has served us well in all conditions: large loads of happy climbers, strong winds, big waves and a variety of boat drivers. The past few years we have prolonged its life with various repairs, but now we need to start looking for a replacement. A plaque in the new boat will recognize donations over $50. Extra thanks for large donors: a free weekend at Bon Echo for every $1,000 or a Bon Echo season pass for every $2,000.

If you need a tax receipt, the donation must be made through the National Club here .
If not, you can send an e-transfer to
For further information email

Welcome to climbing at Bon Echo

Experience multi-pitch climbing on a 100 metre high granite cliff rising vertically out of the water. The routes are all traditional, ranging from 5.0 to 5.11, with the most popular routes in Bon Echo Hutthe 5.4 to 5.9 range.

Don’t let the low grades fool you; most of these routes were put up by hard climbers decades ago, when 5.9 was the hardest grade conceivable. Consequently, many routes are rated one or two grades below current standards.  Many classic routes are very exposed so even at easier grades the experience is exhilarating. There are no sport routes and no top roping routes.  The exposure and length of routes at Bon Echo make for an adventure unlike any other in Southern Ontario.

The Toronto section maintains the Wally Joyce Hut on Mazinaw Lake and operates a boat to ferry climbers to and from the climbs.  The newly renovated (2018) hut is one of greatest attractions of the Toronto section offering swimming, hiking, and a wood fired sauna. It is comfortable and an excellent place to meet other climbers and get information on the climbs.

Download the Bon Echo Guidebook here.

For further information contact the Bon Echo Chair – Mark Hurst at

or join the Bon Echo Rock Climbers Facebook group.

Booking Details

  • Check the Activities Calendar for trip dates at
  • The List of Custodians can be viewed at
  • Email the custodian associated with the trip date, full names of all members on your trip and their membership#, stating your interest in participation for that date.
  • The custodian may follow up with an email to verify your skill level or any other questions that may pertain to the safety of your participation in the trip. 
  • The custodian will reply with availability of the trip and payment details.  If the trip is full, you will be placed on the waitlist for that trip.  
  • E-transfer the full amount to the custodian.
  • The custodian will accept your payment and confirm your trip.  
  • Communicate with the custodian to arrange a pick up time at the public dock.
  • Spots are not confirmed until payment is made.
  • Refunds are available up to 3 days prior to trip date.

The ACC Waiver must be filled out (but not signed) prior to attending Bon Echo.  The waiver must be printed in colour, and given to the custodian. Please contact the custodian if you are unable to do so. Participants are also required to sign the Park Code of Conduct.


Adult members pay $25 per day/night
Youth members aged 13-18 pay half price ($12.50 per day/night)
Children under 13 are free
Non-members pay $50 per day/night, $25 for youth
Season Pass is 10 x normal price (ie $250, or $125 for youth)