Call for Volunteers: Bon Echo Renewal Project

Dear Members!

We are getting really close to the completion of the renovations to the Bon Echo Hut! We could not have completed the project without the support of our amazing volunteers who have helped cut down trees, carry material across the lake, and make the overall experience fun.

As we start to cross the finish line, there are still a number of items that need to be done and we need more help! We are looking for volunteers for the following dates:

Saturday March 9 – Sunday March 10 Material transport on the ice

We will be transporting the remaining materials and cabinetry across the ice to the hut by skidoo and sleigh. Let’s just call it what it is – unglamorous and difficult, but if we don’t get the materials over on this weekend, we really do risk losing the good ice access to the hut. Experience with shoveling, lifting, pushing, pulling and general shenanigans are the only requirements.

Most of the work will be done on the Saturday, but Geoff can accommodate a few folks at his farm just south of Bon Echo on the Friday night to make the drive easier (see below). If we can get everything accomplished on the Saturday, it will be festivities in the evening at his place. Some may want to do some ice climbing on the Sunday.

Friday March 29 – Sunday March 31 A work weekend at Geoff’s farm.

We will be fabricating the interior benches and tables from the lumber sawn last fall from the trees felled next to the hut. We will also be harvesting cedar trees from his forest, milling them into stairway components and railing parts. Experience in woodworking and cabinetry is an asset, but we can certainly use the help from anyone in this project.

The work will be on Saturday and Sunday, so volunteers can arrive on Friday and are welcome to stay through. Saturday night festivities are assured.

Please note that this may overlap with Geoff’s maple syrup season at the farm, so an eventful and interesting weekend is guaranteed.

Saturday April 27 – Sunday April 28 Docking in

We need to get the dock in well in advance of the opening weekend so that crews can access the hut for work. This is a straight up – straight back effort to install the dock so that the contractors can get onsite to finish the work.

Friday May 10 – Sunday May 12 Major final push to get the hut done!

This will be the big weekend to get everything finished and completed. Paneling installation, laying down flooring, electrical work, cabinetry installations, plumbing —- the whole enchilada. If we do it right and have the right people on site, this will be a breeze and a blast. We did the same thing last fall with the barge and it was a success. Let’s do it again.

Those with experience in landscaping, cabinetry installation, plumbing, electrical, painting, nailing…… oh heck we need it all. If you have a heartbeat, you’re on the team! Same deal as the other weekends as Geoff’s opening up his place for accommodations.

If you are interested in helping out, please contact Geoff at Please provide the days you are willing to help out and what you are able/willing to do, in addition to any relevant skills you have and think may be needed for the above tasks.

Geoff’s farm is located just south of Kaladar and he can accommodate about eight persons in beds, plus there’s a cabin that can sleep three-four persons. There’s also plenty of tent space as well. A large kitchen area in the maple saphouse provides plenty of food prep space. We have barbeques and cookers for volunteers to use as well.

We thank you in advance for your help and support and look forward to being able to enjoy the new hut with you for the 2019 Bon Echo Season.

The Toronto Section

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