Bon Echo Opening Update

Good news everyone! We will be opening Bon Echo June 23rd! You can find our booking instructions and Covid protocols on our website.

After navigating the recently announced government Phased approach to opening, the Toronto section is now preparing to re-open the Bon Echo property. 

There were many discussions to ensure we are complying with the new COVID regulations, while ensuring the safest and quickest way to open. We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we all implement these regulations, processes and begin opening the hut.

Ontario’s restrictions on public gatherings mean we must limit how many people can be on the site at one time. As the restrictions change, we will endeavour to update everyone with an email and the website.

If you are hoping to go to Bon Echo this year, we strongly urge you to read through these carefully. 

If you still have any questions about anything, please forward them to

Here are the main points:

  1. The Bon Echo property itself will re-open to members for the 2021 season, but until further notice the hut and the sauna must remain closed for regular use. The hut can only be used for food/trash storage, nothing else.
  2. Under current provincial regulations, there can only be 10 people on the site at one time (one of them being the custodian). 
  3. Owing to this cap, we must limit bookings this summer to paid-up ACC members with section affiliation.  Initially, reservations will be posted on the website gradually. This will allow us to manage the restriction changes.
  4. The process to book will be different this year but will be very much like years previous to 2020. Please see the attached document/link to book.
  5. Reservation requests will be accepted first come, first served — any excess requests go on a waiting list. You may apply for only one weekend or unlimited weekdays per month, for now. This it to give everyone a chance to go.
  6. Price is the same as last year $30/day.
  7. Midweek camping is allowed, but only if a custodian is available and at least 4 climbers have signed up.
  8. As was last year, you will sign a waiver, a code of conduct and a declaration of health. Phone number and email must be provided for possible contact tracing.
  9. Because the hut will be closed, all cooking, eating and dishwashing will take place outdoors. The barbecue is available (with a side burner) but you may want to bring your own camping stove. You must also bring dinnerware, cutlery and a pot or pan for cooking.
  10. All trash is to be stored securely from mice in the hut as always.
  11. Maximum 2 people in the hut to get food. Please minimize your time in the hut. 
  12. Standard social distancing protocols apply. Everyone must stay 2 meters apart; if that’s not possible, you must wear a mask. You must bring your own mask and hand sanitizer. Social distancing and masks also apply on park property.
  13. There will be a maximum of one driver and 4 passengers in the boat unless the passengers are from the same household. 
  14. Masks must be worn in the boat unless everyone in the boat (including custodian) is from the same household. (This is the recommendation of North Frontenac Public Health.) In short, you are not allowed on the boat without a mask.

Bookings will begin to be posted on Wednesday June 16th to begin signups.

Keep in mind that any of these protocols may be tightened or relaxed without notice or warning if the government or relevant health authority changes its guidelines.

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