Women and Gender Diverse Series: Introduction to Ice Climbing

WHEN: 11:00 am January 22 to 5:00 pm January 23, 2022

WHERE: Diamond Lake

DESCRIPTION: The ice season is here! This event is for geared towards women and gender diverse people who are looking to learn more about ice climbing. This event does include winter camping for one night, and some familiarity with winter camping is recommended. We will be ice climbing for two days and winter camping for one night at Diamond Lake. We will discuss items to bring, ice climbing technique, how to handle layering between climbing and belaying, and then try it all out on the ice.

NOTE: This is not a course, and no guides or instructors will be teaching any skills, but rather, experienced ice climbers will be sharing their knowledge with less experienced ice climbers. 

COST: Completely Free. Participants will be responsible for their own gear, food, and transportation, keeping in accordance with COVID-19 safety precautions.

GEAR: Helmet (mandatory), harness, belay device, ice climbing boots, ice climbing crampons, ice tools, food, water, winter camping equipment (tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag), winter layers (including base layer, mid layer, outer layer, extra socks, gloves, hats, balaclava), (optional) extra pair of gloves are always beneficial.

(optional) snowshoes or cross country skiis for crossing the lake.

TRIP LEADER: For more information or to sign up please contact Magdalene Szkarlat

Co-Lead: Cynthia Chung


TRIP CLASSIFICATION: B (Intermediate Winter Camping, complete beginner’s guide to ice climbing)

WAIVER: Please check with the trip leader to see how they would like you to complete the ACC Waiver.

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