Women and Gender Diverse Series: Introduction to Winter Camping

WHEN: November 27 – November 28

WHERE: McCrae Lake crownland camping (44.9084410, -79.7823400)

DESCRIPTION: Folks, welcome to Winter Camping! This event is for geared towards women and gender diverse people who are looking to learn more about the winter camping scene. All experience levels are welcome, especially beginners who have just been waiting for a sign to try winter camping. We will discuss items to bring, what sort of food to prepare for winter, and how to keep warm in the winter, and then try out all the tips and tricks during one night of car camping.

COST: Completely Free. Participants will be responsible for their own gear, food, and transportation, keeping in accordance with COVID-19 safety precautions.

GEAR: Warm winter layers (for example: merino / wool base layer, fleece midlayer, and waterproof external layer for the rain), Sleeping pad, sleeping bag, 3 or 4 season tent, at minimum (where to borrow/rent gear will be discussed as well).

TRIP LEADER: For more information or to sign up please contact Magdalene Szkarlat at magdalene.szkarlat@gmail.com.

Co-lead: Cynthia Chung


TRIP CLASSIFICATION: A (Complete beginner’s guide to winter camping)

WAIVER: Please check with the trip leader to see how they would like you to complete the ACC Waiver.

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