Activity: Summer Solstice Camping, Climbing, Hiking Weekend – June 23-25

WHEN: June 23-25, 2023

WHERE: Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area (Reservations required)

DESCRIPTION: The summer solstice camping, climbing, and hiking weekend at Rattlesnake Point is an opportunity to enjoy some of the longest days of summer. Participants bring their own food, climbing/hiking gear, and camping necessities.

MAX PARTICIPANTS: 20, at the trip leader’s discretion.

GEAR: Helmet (mandatory), harness, anchor building gear (optional), tent, sleeping bag, camping gear, and any other personal items (e.g. knife, fork, spoon, plate, bowl, cup, cooking equipment, food, snacks, water, clothing, sunscreen, bug spray, etc., …).

(OPTIONAL) GEAR: Anchor building cordelettes/webbing, locking carabiners and rope.

COST: $30 non-refundable deposit required at sign-up; participants will share the cost of camping/firewood based on the number of participants. Park entry fee not included.

TRIP LEADER: To sign up or get further details, contact Brenda Kritsch.


WAIVER: Please read the waiver before attending and sign a color copy of it in ink upon arrival.

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