News: Bon Echo Property Status

On May 21st, southern Ontario was hit with a weather system which caused damage to many areas. Last week, we went to the Bon Echo property to assess the damage. We’re glad to report that all of our structures were untouched! Unfortunately, we could not say the same for some of the trees in the surrounding areas. Many thanks go to our dedicated members that went to Bon Echo last weekend for cleaning up the property.

Climbing continues at Bon Echo

The Bon Echo Provincial Park is temporarily closed due to the damage they received from the storm. However, in talks with the park superintendent, we’ve been given special permission for members to climb at Bon Echo 101 this coming weekend, provided that all relevant routes are assessed. We kindly ask that members ensure that they are climbing safely as there is still a fair amount of undocumented damage to the park.

Once again, we thank the members that volunteered their time to cleaning up the property and special thanks to Mark Hurst and David Henderson.

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