Climbing: Single Pitch Rock Rescue Course with ONE AXE Pursuits – May 26

WHERE: Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area (Reservations required).

DESCRIPTION:  This 9 hour course is designed to give you a solid foundation in performing climbing-related rescue techniques for rappelling, top rope climbing and single pitch lead climbing. You will learn how to ascend and descend your rope with various techniques, conduct mid-rope load transfers, tie rescue knots and hitches, tie off and escape your belay, lower injured climbers and remove hair pulled into a belay or rappel device. With this knowledge, you could perform self-rescue for many issues you might encounter while climbing, turning some major problems into minor inconveniences.

List of course topics:
– Escape from rappel and belay devices and jammed friction back-ups.
– Passing knots while rappelling, ascending or lowering (two ropes tied together or a damaged section of rope isolated with an Alpine Butterfly knot).
– Tying off different types of belay devices to allow hands free.
– Building a ground anchor and escaping ground belays (top rope and lead).
– Lowering a second with different types of belay devices (injured or can not finish the route).
– Ascending the rope with friction hitches and using a grigri.
– Ascending the rope up to a fallen lead climber that needs assistance (possibly unconscious or injured) and lowering together with the injured climber.
– Lowering the leader when there is not enough rope (but the leader is able to assist and follow instructions).
– Lowering the leader when there is not enough rope and the leader is not able to assist (possibly unconscious, injured, or does not understand instructions).

Please be prepared for a full day of course material and activity. Pack appropriately for the weather (The course will operate rain or shine) and bring enough food and water for a full day.

PREREQUISITES:  None. However, knowledge of basic skills (lead belaying, etc..) is recommended.

GEAR:  Helmet (mandatory) and personal equipment is recommended (harness, belay and rappel device, carabiners, PAS, climbing shoes). ONE AXE can supplement any missing equipment if required.

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS:  Minimum: 4, Maximum 10. Participation will be confirmed upon payment.

COST:  $339.00 ($300+HST per person). The course fee is non-refundable, non-transferable and due upon sign-up. Participants may also be responsible for their own park reservations and gate fees to Conservation Halton Parks.

TRIP LEADER:  For more information or to sign up please contact Laura Woodall at


ACC WAIVER:  Please read the ACC waiver before attending and be prepared to sign a colour copy of it in ink upon arrival to the event.

ONE AXE PURSUITS WAIVER: Additionally, please read and complete the One Axe Pursuits Waiver

RATTLESNAKE POINT WAIVER: Lastly, read and complete the One Axe Pursuits – Rattlesnake Point Waiver

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